Competing food sources

When it comes to domestic situations, some trapping sites are just more complex than others. These locations require you to do a bit more thinking and planning to ensure you get success with your traps.

Food competition is the biggest barrier to success. Things like compost bins, dog biscuit bags, food stores and poultry feeders all provide excellent food sources for rats.

Ask yourself the following:

1. Do I have a constantly available food source? 

2. Can I better secure or eliminate the food source? 

3. Can I shift that food source to another location? 

4. Can I temporarily stop the food source? In the case of compost bins, get a large bucket with a lid and store your new compost in it elsewhere for 3 weeks. The rats and mice will then search for new foods. 

5. Is the food source seasonal? In this case then it’s just a matter of time before the food source ceases and the rats/mice begin to look for something else. If you have a Goodnature Smart trap in place you’ll have peace of mind they’re ready for action when the food source runs out. 

Once you’ve addressed any competing food sources that can be managed, use a Rodent Paste Pouch to pre-feed the site. Our three paste flavours, Chocolate, Nut Butter, and Meat Lovers are available in our Automatic Paste Pumps and corresponding Pre-feed Pouches.

The best way to do pre-feed the site is by squeezing around ten ‘pea sized’ dollops of paste from our Rodent Paste Pouch to the area around your A24. Pre-feeding encourages rats and mice toward your trap and away from any competing food sources. Repeat this process for five days to build their preference for the paste. After the five days, stop using the rat paste pouch. Now the only way the rodents can access the paste is by entering the trap!

Having a few A24s at home, on the farm, or in the bush will enhance your success. And if you’ve got a large property, with a major rodent problem you may even want to consider a network. If this sounds like you, get in touch at and we’ll help you figure out a plan. 

If you’re using the Smart Cap or a Digital Strike Counter, you’ll be able to see the numbers add up and track the kills you’re having. 

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