What is the Smart cap? Why use it?

We’ve taken the next step and given our Goodnature automatic resetting trap digital capabilities! The Smart Cap simply replaces the standard black cap and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It provides you with insightful intel on your A24 activity when you check it.

The Smart Cap records and stores the date, time, and air temperature each time the trap is triggered. When you visit your trap you can collect this data on your smartphone through the Goodnature App.

With the Smart Cap, even if you haven't seen any pests under your trap, you’ll know how many you’re catching.

Because we want this technology to be available to all Goodnature Trap users we've specifically designed the Smart Cap so that it can also be retrofitted to existing A24 Traps.

To make life easier, the Smart Cap will tell you when you need to replace your trap’s gas and paste giving you peace of mind that if you replenish your trap when reminded, your trap will always be set and ready.

The Smart Cap connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, it doesn't rely on cell phone coverage or Wi-Fi. This is perfect when you’re in the bush, or on the back of your farm where there’s no reception.

Sharing data with the Goodnature App is simple and means others can help maintain your trap and monitor your success too. Perfect if you’re working with your community to solve a pest problem together.

The Goodnature App shows you how your individual trapping success adds up to something much bigger. The less pests there are, the better chance native species have to flourish again. As more people switch to the Smart cap, watch how the heat map in the app changes!

Other great features of the Smart Cap include:

  • A long-life replaceable battery
  • Battery saving features
  • Tested to withstand extreme weather conditions

If you already have an A24 trap, you can order a Smart Upgrade Pack. This pack comes with a Smart Cap to upgrade your existing trap plus a six month supply of CO2 and paste. Or you can purchase a Smart Trap Kit, which includes a trap, a Smart Cap and everything you need to keep on top of your pests for six months.

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