How to test fire with the Smart cap

The first time you set up your Smart Cap, the app will prompt you to test fire the trap to ensure all is set up correctly and ready to go, and that you can see the notifications on your phone. To do this successfully, put your Smart Cap on your trap, wait for two minutes then test fire from below with your test fire rat, or thin stick, making sure not to put your hand inside the trap.

The Smart Cap needs to be still for two minutes before it can detect kills. This is an important design feature so it doesn’t record any movement as a kill if it’s bumped around during setup or if you’re relocating your trap. Clever piece of tech!

If the Smart Cap has not recorded your test fire, wait for two more minutes and try again. If your trap does not fire then read up here on what steps to take next. Drop us a line if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

What if it’s on a Trap Stand?

To test fire your trap on a Trap Stand, be careful not to move it around before or after the test fire. It needs to be still for at least two minutes before and after testing. It is best to secure the trap stand by pegging it down (pegs not included). This will reduce movement when the trap is triggered.

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