No bite marks on my Trap Location Cards

Don’t panic if after three days there are no bite marks on any of your Trap Location Cards. It may take a bit longer, or a bit of trial and error to find a suitable trapping site. No bite marks means either rodents aren’t present at these sites, or your location cards are located where rodents won't interact with the paste and trap. Try waiting a few more days or moving the cards to different locations.

Check that the locations are sheltered, easy to access and there are few other food sources that compete with the paste such as compost bins and food stores in chicken coops.

Continue and install your trap if you haven’t already. You can shift this to a new location if you detect bite marks on one of your Trap Location Cards in future.

If you have a food source that is competing with the paste in the location cards and trap, take a look at our suggestions here about how best to manage this.

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