How to use a Trap Stand

We have two different types of Trap Stand that are set up slightly differently. To tell them apart, if your stand has an orange clip at the back that comes down, us the first set of instructions below. If you trap stand doesn't have a back at all, use the second set of instructions.

1. Open the Stand Lock

Unclip the orange Stand Lock by reaching your thumb tip right into the end of the orange tab and pressing downwards while pulling backwards.

2. Attach the A24 to the Trap Stand

Guide the top slot at the rear of the A24 onto the upper central locking tab of the stand. Once these are coupled, gently ease the trap into the stand and it will click into the lower locking tab. It is easiest done when you don’t force it. The trap is mounted correctly when there is no gap between the A24 and the Trap Stand.

3. Clip in the stand Lock

Secure the A24 to the stand by closing the orange Stand Lock. You will hear a ‘click’ when it is in place. Place your trap stand on a flat surface or ground.

4. Removing the A24 from the Trap Stand

De-gas your A24 so it’s safe to detach from the Trap Stand. Open the stand lock (step 1) and on a flat surface, hold the Trap Stand down firmly with one hand and pull the A24 up with the other. The trap will slide off the stand.

To position your A24 in the best possible place to catch your rats - be sure to use our trap location cards first.

If you set your trap up on sloping ground, there are two peg holes (pegs not included) to keep it stable.

  1. Widen the Stand

Your Trap Stand may be a little too narrow to get the trap into the stand so you can widen it a little by pulling on either side of the stand.

  1. Slide the A24 into the Stand

Slide the A24 trap into the stand by lining up the wings on the Trap Mount at the back of the trap with the arrows on the orange circles on the Trap Stand. Once both sides are in place, you can then rotate the trap forward until you feel it click!

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