What is a Rodent Paste Pre-Feed Pouch?

A paste pouch is a 200g pouch of Goodnature paste which is ideal for pre-feeding the area around your trap to encourage pests toward your trap and away from any competing food sources. The paste pouches contain our specially formulated non toxic pastes for rats, mice and stoats. The same pastes that are available in Automatic Paste Pumps for your A24.  
Using a Rodent Paste Pre-Feed Pouch is especially helpful if you have a complex trapping site where pests have had access to a competing food source. If you pre-feed around your trap, your target pests will have a greater chance of finding and trying the paste, and get used to the paste as a food source. Once they have a taste for it, they will seek out more - which they'll find in your trap!
Store Goodnature Rodent Paste Pre-Feed Pouches somewhere out of direct sunlight. 

Take a look at this helpful article for more information about how to pre feed your trap.

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