Trap safety around cats & kittens

Keeping your cat or kitten safe is really important when you’re thinking about setting up a new pest trap. As they’re curious, it’s common for a cat to check out the trap, but generally, we find they’re just waiting for the pests that may be left behind. 

For adult cats, the shroud is too small for them to get into the trap and to the trigger. When the trap is set at 12cm it makes it difficult for an adult cat to get into the trap as well.

For kittens, which are smaller and can be more inquisitive, this can't be ruled out. Having said this, our chocolate formula and nut butter formula shouldn't pique the interest of a carnivore, no matter what age. 

If you do have a kitten that will have access to the trap, here are a few options to consider:

  • Set the trap up with the paste, but no gas canister. You can then monitor your pet’s interaction with the trap before making it live. 
  • Set the trap in a location where pets can't interact with it.
  • Alternatively, wait a few months while the kitten is growing.

We haven't had any reported incidents of cats triggering our traps, but because we're dealing with the animal kingdom it’s hard to guarantee safety, and we trust you’ll take any precaution you can. 

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