Where should I put my A24?

When setting up your new trap, it’s critical to find the right location, so it’s great to do your research before getting started.

Trap Location Cards Can Help

In the Smart Trap Kit and Trap Kit, you may have noticed some small plastic cards, called Trap Location Cards. We include these with all of our A24s as they’re a great way to find the best location, and give local pests a taste of the paste inside your trap. 

Place these in a variety of locations around your property, where you think pests might be feeding. 

Remember, you’re looking for a safe, hidden position. An animal needs to feel safe enough to stop and explore the trap, so it can’t be out in the open. This might be under your house, in a shed or even in your ceiling. It could also be as simple as selecting a tree with a little more cover, or a location with little foot traffic. 

How to use Trap Location Cards

  1. Fold over the location cards to expose some fresh paste. Screw the location cards 12cms from the ground in your chosen locations. 
  2. When you put out your Trap Location Cards, you can also set up your trap in a position that you think is the best option. Remember, you can always shift it once you see some interaction on your Trap Location Cards. 
  3. Leave the location cards for three nights and monitor for signs of interaction. You should see clear signs of the pest's teeth on the cards. You can put your trap out straight away though, simply move your trap near the card you see the most interaction. 

If you don’t have success with your first location, you can move it anytime! Moving the trap around will help you attract pests from different areas, and introduce fresh paste to pests within your property. 

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