Trap safety around your pets

It’s natural to worry that a trap like the Goodnature trap may not be safe around your pets, but the great news is we’ve never had a report of a domestic pet being harmed by a trap. In saying this, we can never predict what an animal might do, so if you’re concerned, there are some easy actions you can take to ensure it’s safe. 

When setting up your trap, the recommended height from ground level is 12cm (about a hand width). As this is low to the ground, it’s easy for pests to get into the trap and much more difficult for other animals to - like cats, dogs and chickens.

Our pastes are non-toxic, so safe to use at home. The pastes we use to attract rats and mice aren't attractants to common pets like cats, dogs, and chickens. They’re likely to be more interested in the pests left under the trap! Although given most pets are well-fed, you may not see this either. Thanks to the ingredients we use, if your pet pooch happens to consume any Goodnature chocolate paste you can have peace of mind that it will not suffer any toxicity.

Another safety measure built into the design is the size of the trap entrance - big enough for pests and too small for adult cats and dogs. It’s very difficult for pets to get into the trap.

While we’ve never had any reports of any domestic animals being injured by our traps we can never say never, as animals can be inquisitive and have their own will.

If you are worried or have very small pets (e.g. kittens) that will have access to the trap, here are a few extra tips to try before setting your trap live.

  1. Set the trap up with the paste, but no gas canister. You can then monitor your pet’s interaction with the trap before making it live.
  2. Set the trap in a location where pets can't interact with it.
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