How do our products work?

Goodnature traps are a world first in pest trapping, using gas to create a pressurised trap which delivers a humane, immediate kill, every time. 

The pest smells the paste

Our attractive pastes are full of everything rodents are looking for, and they’ll search out the smell. By pre-feeding below the trap, pests get a taste of what’s inside and look for more. 

The pest enters the trap

When a rodent enters the trap, they climb up towards the paste. As they do this, they touch on the trigger, which activates the trap.

The striker makes contact

When a rodent touches the trigger, the highly pressured trap releases the striker. This strikes the rodent in the correct place, ensuring a humane kill. 

The trap resets

As the pest falls onto the ground, the trap's internal mechanism reloads and the trap once again is full of high-pressure gas. 

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