Trap safety around children

It’s really important to ensure your traps are set up correctly and your children understand they’re not a toy. We find simply stepping them through the setup process, and including them in your trapping is the best way to keep kids safe. 

There’s a few points that might reassure you about the safety of traps around your children. 

  • There are now tens of thousands of Goodnature traps installed internationally. Many of these traps are deployed in public spaces and we have never had any reports of children setting traps off or being injured.
  • Goodnature traps require a deliberate and specific action in order to trigger them, this can't be done accidentally. By showing your children where the animal would enter, and where they are not allowed to touch, you can remove some of the curiosity around the trap. 
  • In order to mitigate the risk of public interaction, the traps can be set in places which they are not easily seen or accessed. These are generally better for trapping pests anyway, as the animal will be in a more concealed, safer location. 
  • There are numerous instances of kindergartens and schools using Goodnature traps and incorporating them into their curriculum. Many of our customers work with their children, to let them do the trapping! We love seeing the next generation of little trappers leading the way. 

As well as considering trap locations inaccessible to children, one way to help kids understand they shouldn’t play with traps is to demonstrate the firing action. The Quick Start Guide has steps for how to test fire your trap safely, and you can also check out this article on how to test-fire a trap. All trapping comes with some risk, so we hope that you’ll take every precaution possible to keep your children safe around any pest trap you choose. 

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