What is Nut Butter?

Nut Butter is one of the newest pastes to join Goodnature’s range to target rats and mice with the A24. It’s a hazelnut paste which ticks all the boxes - long-life, attractive to pests, toxin-free and bonus, safe for our fellow trappers with peanut allergies! Being just as effective as our Chocolate Paste, it was a no-brainer to use hazelnut in our new paste range. 

Why use Nut Butter?

We developed Nut Butter Paste to give our customers a choice between paste flavours, and an option of trialing different pastes in their environment. Field trials showed that rats love it just as much as they love our Chocolate paste, it stayed attractive for up to 6 months once installed in the trap, and it’s toxin-free just like our Chocolate paste.

Both our Nut Butter and Chocolate pastes have a shelf life of 18 months (unopened), and are non-toxic to pets, non-target species and people. 

Is Nut Butter safe around pets?

There aren't any ingredients in the paste that would cause illness in pets or non-target species (or children!). If you have any concerns, perhaps around unique food sensitivities, we’d suggest you pre-feed in areas where your pets can’t access the paste. 

The allergens in our Nut Butter formula pastes are milk, soy, and tree nuts.

Can I buy a Trap Kit with Nut Butter?

Our new Nut Butter Paste is available for purchase as an individual Automatic Paste Pump, or in a Paste Pouch, and is supplied with any new Smart Trap Kit purchase. 

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