My Smart Cap won’t activate and talk to my phone

If you’re having difficulty activating your Smart Cap to your smartphone ensure your Bluetooth is switched on, and Airplane Mode is switched off. You need to be on the activating step in the app (titled 'Activate Smart Cap') and the red light on the Smart Cap should be flashing. Give the Smart Cap five strong shakes to wake it up and activate the red light. For full instructions on how to activate the Smart Cap to your smartphone take a look at this article. If after shaking the Smart Cap, the lights are not flashing check out this article for instructions on how to check the battery. 

Got a new phone?

Once you have activated with your Smart cap, you don’t have to do it again - even if you get a new phone. All you need to do is install the Goodnature app on your new smartphone and log in with your existing account details.  

Still not activating? Double check that your device supports the Smart cap:

Which smartphones support the Smart cap?

  • Lowest iOS Version Supported – iPhone 15
  • Lowest Android Version Supported – Android 8
  • Tablets and iPads are not supported.

If none of the above tips do the trick, call us on 0800 628 874 or email so we can help you out.

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