How do I activate the Smart Cap with my phone?

We’ve created simple step by step in-app instructions for you to follow to activate the Smart Cap to your device. Watch this demonstration to see how it’s done or take the following actions to activate the Smart cap to your device:

On your smartphone:

Download the free Goodnature App onto your smartphone via the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). Check that Bluetooth is switched on, and Airplane Mode is off. You also need to be on the app activating step (Step 4) before starting the process. Keep your smartphone close by and follow the next step:

Now the Smart Cap:

Wake up the Smart Cap by removing it from the trap and turning it upside down. If the activating doesn’t happen shake the Smart cap four or five times until you see a light flashing. The Goodnature App will let you know when you have successfully activated. 

Once activated, you can name your trap, add a photo, and locate it on the map.

We have plenty of helpful resources online if you need any extra information about the Smart cap. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask, we're happy to help!

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