Chewing on the black cap

Sometimes when you’re checking your trap, you’ll notice chew marks on the black cap. These may have been left by pests eating paste accidentally smudged on the cap when you installed the trap. 

It’s easy to get oily paste on your hands when you’re setting up traps, but when this happens, the rodent will look everywhere your hands have been. This might result in them chewing at parts of the trap that aren’t correct, and won’t result in a kill!

We always suggest keeping your hands as clean as possible when servicing various components of the trap - sometimes it’s hard when you’re in the bush, but a quick wipe should be enough! This will ensure that when a pest is smelling the paste within, they find it in the only place it should be (within your loaded trap). 

It’s also critical to ensure your trap is fully gassed and contains a fresh paste. If an animal is paying so much attention to your trap then they must be interested in what’s inside! Smear some paste directly below the trap to draw the pests attention to the entrance to the trap, and they will find their way in. 

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