How often to change gas and paste

The best way to keep your traps constantly charged, and attractive to pests is by replacing the Goodnature 16g CO2 and the Automatic Paste Pump every six months.  You may not see every pest the trap has killed as a large percentage of them can be scavenged by other pests and predators however, if you have a Digital Strike Counter or a Smart Cap and can see that your trap has fired 24 times before the 6 month change, replace your CO2 canister early and pat yourself on the back for ridding your environment of so many pests this quickly!  

There is no way to know the exact amount of CO2 left in the trap at any given time, so stick to the 6 month (or 24 kills over 6 months) replacement recommendation to ensure the trap has enough pressure to deliver a humane kill every time a pest enters the trap.

It’s best to refresh this with a new paste as well, as our long life paste pump is designed to extrude fresh paste for six months also. By replenishing your trap’s CO2 and paste every six months, you’ll know your trap is always ready and will provide you with constant control.

To see if your trap is live you can test fire it following these instructions. 

Take a look at this article for more information on the benefits of having a Smart cap. 

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