Trapping on a vineyard or orchard

If you’ve noticed a pest problem in your vineyard or orchard, it can be hard to know where to begin. With such a large space and plenty of food for pests it feels as though they would never be interested in a trap. But, the great news is a network of traps is incredibly effective in this scenario and will help you not only control those pests but help to increase the production of your crops too. 


Build a network

The best thing you can do is invest in a strong trapping network across the whole area rather than several traps around a specific building. Pests do not emanate from the buildings, rather they seek shelter there or enter to seek out food. Having a strong trapping network across the vineyard or orchard as a whole would, in turn, protect the buildings by keeping animal numbers low as well as drastically reduce pest damage in the crops themselves. 

We recommend following our best practice of 2 x A24 traps targeting rats and mice per hectare.

Eliminating food sources

While easier said than done, eliminating food sources is really important when establishing a network. Do you know what the pests are eating? Is there any way you can reduce this as a food source?

If it’s orchard crops, think about when the food is on the ground and how you can reduce waste. There are some times when you can’t change what foods are around, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that pests are eating - like feed for stock or pets. 

Find a sustainable solution

Once you’re set-up, you don’t want to be continually checking and resetting traps. Goodnature traps provide constant and effective control and are able to reset themselves 24 times before needing to be visited, which means they are perfect for areas that will constantly be re-invaded due to high food sources. 

The paste and gas canister only need to be changed once every six months, so the maintenance involved in maintaining an effective trapping network is very low, perfect if you’re busy working on more important things! 

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