Trapping in very cold temperatures

The A24 trap is designed to function in sub-zero temperatures.  They will remain operational down to -20C, but not lower as this can damage both the plastic and seals. If you’re wanting to trap in conditions colder than this, please get in touch, we’d love to help you out. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when trapping in cooler conditions:

1. The plastic becomes more sensitive in cold temperatures, so do not ‘test-fire’ the trap unnecessarily and avoid using hard objects to test with. We use a cardboard rat to test-fire traps, so it’s soft and you can see the impact from the striker on the cardboard. 

2. The paste will eventually freeze, so it may be worth trying some alternative (local) paste that may work better in the temperatures you experience. The existing paste will work to begin with, so you can start with it. At sub-zero temperatures, you may be best to try a basket or static paste bottle, rather than our recommended Automatic Paste Pump, please get in touch if you’d like some more information on these:

3. You might also find that in those temperatures, rats and mice move indoors as the weather freezes so it might be best to move the traps inside to increase your chances of success!

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