My Smart cap doesn't sync with my App

To sync your Smart cap with the Goodnature App, have your phone with you and the Goodnature App open when checking your trap.  Wake up your Smart cap by removing it from the trap and turning it upside down. You’ll know the Smart cap is syncing with your phone when the light starts flashing. Make sure bluetooth is turned on as the Smart cap will send the trap data to the Goodnature App via Bluetooth. You will need to be within range, i.e next to your trap, to sync.

If there are kills to report, you’ll get a notification on your phone. If there’s nothing new to report, you should still see the Last Synced field update with a green tick, including the time you checked it.

If you are having any difficulty with the Smart cap syncing with your app please drop us a line so we can help. 

0800 628 874
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