Great Island A24 Stoat Eradication Project

Great Island (736 hectares) is in Chalky Inlet, Fiordland and is between 270 and 80 metres offshore. It had a standard uncontrolled population of stoats, monitored at 94% before the operation began. In October 2016, 220 Goodnature A24 traps and 160 monitoring tracking tunnels for stoats were deployed by volunteers and DOC staff.

Great Island pre-treatment monitor #1 
Jan 7 2017: 9%
Great Island pre-treatment monitor #2
Mar 6 2017: 94%
Great Island post-treatment monitor #1
April 11 2017: 5%
Great Island post-treatment monitor #2
Jun 24 2017: 0.9%
This single tool appears to remove most of the resident stoat population and can remain in place to provide ongoing biosecurity.
Read the full report here
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