What is an Automatic Paste Pump?

Our Automatic Paste Pump is the best way to deliver fresh paste, constantly to your trap. It does this with a small pump which, when activated, will slowly put pressure on and extrude the paste inside over six months. 

When you first open the box, the Automatic Paste Pump is a small, silver object. It’s made of foil, and looks a little like a small balloon with a coin on top. This contains the paste you need to attract pests to your trap.

You’ll notice a small 10c coin on top, you can keep this! You need to remove this to activate the pump inside, gently push on one side of the coin and you’ll be able to remove it. It’s the metal we use to contain the circuit. 

Put the Automatic Paste Pump into the Smart cap of your trap, putting the coin side in first. Keep the screw cap on as you insert the Automatic Paste Pump into the Smart cap. Once it’s in, gently unscrew the lid and wipe any excess paste at the base of the tree or wall where you’re placing your trap. If you’re using a trap stand, you can simply wipe it on the base of the stand. 

It’s likely the only time you would see the paste mixture, is when you first activate it. Initially slightly more paste may come out but this should steady during the six month duration. We would not expect the same amount of paste to be expelled month by month, but the Automatic Paste Pump will be attractive to rats and mice for the six month duration regardless of the quantity released, due to the delicious smell it releases. 

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