Trapping indoors

It can be a little shocking to realise there’s a pest living in your house! But the good news is, a Goodnature A24 does all the hard work for you, so it means catching the critter is easier than it’s ever been before. 


Use your Trap Location Cards

In the box you received with your trap in it, you’ll notice some small plastic cards, called Trap Location Cards. We include these with all of our traps (except if you are targeting stoats) as they’re a great way to find the best location, and give local pests a taste of the paste inside your trap. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of finding the pests, so it’s easier to get success. 

Eliminating food sources

Pests are taking shelter in your home because they’ve got a reliable food source, as well as it being nice and toasty! It’s really important to take a look around your house and think about what’s attracting the pests. Maybe it’s pet food that’s lying around? Or rubbish bags that might be easily accessible? A really common one we see is compost bins. Without these being blocked off, pests have easy access to and from the food source. 

By sealing food into containers (which can’t be chewed through!) pests are forced to look elsewhere for food, and they find your trap. 

Setting up safely

If you’re using a trap indoors, the best thing to use is a trap stand. This allows you to move the trap around, without the need to screw it to a wall or tree. You’ll be able to test different locations like the ceiling, or basement without damaging any walls. 

If you have children in your home, ensure they know that the trap is not a toy and it could go off if played with. You can test fire the trap in front of them by inserting a pen, or small stick into a loaded trap to show the force that the trap holds. 

If you’re worried about your pets around a Goodnature trap, check out our articles on cat & dog safety for more information. 

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