How to move a trap once it's 'live'

For safety, you should never shift a live trap.  A live trap means a trap that’s full of gas, and can still go off. It’s active, and your safety could be at risk if the trap is accidentally set off.  First, de-gas your trap safely, and ensure you test fire it. Once this is done, it’s safe to move your trap. 

If your trap is on a tree mount, you’ll need to slide the trap up and off the tree mount, and unscrew it from the tree. Then, screw the tree mount into your new chosen location and reset your trap. Trap Location Cards are and essential tool to find a suitable site for the trap.

If you want to move your trap around often, you’re best to purchase a Trap Stand. You don’t need to de-gas a trap every time if you’re using a trap stand. 

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