How do I set up the Automatic Paste Pump?

1. Activate the Automatic Paste Pump

Activate the Automatic Paste Pump by removing the 10c coin from the top of the automatic paste pump just before you put it into the shroud cap. It is vital you remove the coin or the automatic paste pump will not activate. Do not remove the automatic paste pump screw cap yet. 

2. Nest the Automatic Paste Pump into the shroud cap

With the automatic paste pump activated, gently squeeze and shape the automatic paste pump into the shroud cap. It will be a tight fit. Push the automatic paste pump into the shroud cap until its skirted edge sits aligned with the edge of the shroud cap rim. It will then easily screw into the paste cradle.

3. Remove the Automatic Paste Pump screw cap  

Now remove the automatic paste pump screw cap. A small amount of paste may be forced out, that’s fine – there’s still enough paste for 6 months. Wipe this excess paste below the entrance to your trap to start attracting pests.

4. Screw and secure the shroud cap and Automatic Paste Pump 

Place the shroud cap with the automatic paste pump into the paste cradle and screw into the internal thread with a few turns. Once the automatic paste pump is screwed into the paste cradle, secure the shroud cap onto the trap by pushing down and clicking into place with another turn. The automatic paste pump is now set and active.

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