Who is Goodnature

We started Goodnature for good reason: to see endangered wildlife and around the world flourish again. Reducing the numbers of a group of pests causing the most damage, and offering trappers all around the world sustainable and innovative trap solutions. We also want to go about it kindly, without using nasty toxins. That’s why we develop humane traps that automatically reset and are easy and safe to use.

We’re made up of a team of friendly humans based in Wellington, New Zealand. We make our traps in our head office, and tackle challenges together, as a team. 

Leading the charge are Craig & Robbie. Two university friends who bonded over the desire to use design for good, and are now leading the business to create great products. We’ve been in business for nearly 15 years now, and there’s almost 60 people here in the office. 

We reckon that with smart design, we can find the answers to some of our hardest biodiversity problems, want to join us?

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